The Artist

Dan McFadden, Ph.D


For the past twenty years I have been drawing and painting with numerous one-person and group shows in San Francisco, Los Gatos and Santa Cruz. Here you will find approximately 200 images selected from my work over the past ten years.
These images are grouped for viewing by topic (faces, food, flowers, etc) and by medium (multi-medium, watercolor, acrylic and silver pointe).



Sizes – F.S. (fullsheet) 30×22” , H.S. (halfsheet) 22 x 15”, and other specific measurements

Medium –The mediums are: M.M. (multi-medium): coffee, tea, gesso, ink, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, conte, and Russian sauce.

W. (watercolor), A. (Acrylic), S. (silverpointe)